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Matador pocket blanket and
Matador mini pocket blanket.
Your adventure starts here.
HyprLyte Nylon

​Portable, durable, water resistant.
Matador pocket blanket fits up to 4
​​to sit or 2 to lay, then packs away
​to fit in your pocket.
Carpe Diem

Matador pocket blanket
is perfect for picnics,
parks, and relaxing.
Enjoy the outdoors;
anytime, anywhere.
Matador can fit up to 4 with plenty
of space for 2 people to lay.
Find out which Matador is right for you.
Get a matador, put yourself out there.
Matador mini pocket blanket
is just enough for 2 to sit or 1 to lay.
Keep a mini on hand all the time.
Concerts, festivals or quick naps in the sun.​
Never sit on your coat again...
Get a Matador Mini.
Get a Matador

Join us and get in on the fun.
​Matador is great for concerts,
festivals, sports outings, and
group activities.  See you there!
Ultra light, yet durable

Matador’s hyprLyte nylon is
puncture resistant, water repellent
and adventure ready.  Great for
backpackers, hikers, and climbers.
Matador keeps you clean, comfortable
and dry when you take a break.

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